What is Home Healthcare?

The goal of home healthcare is to allow people to recover and
maintain independence while living at home.

The Decision to Seek Out Care

The decision to seek out home healthcare for a loved one is usually an urgent one. One of the most common occurrences that we deal with is when a person or their loved one has a sudden injury or illness that they will need immediate care to recover from. While this life event may seem daunting, the good news is that HSNNY has been preparing for this moment for you and our intake staff is ready and able to assess your needs and provide the level of care necessary to help you recover.
We at HSNNY can be your helping hand throughout the process, all without ever having to leave your own home.

The Process

How It Works

Give our intake staff a call at 315-265-4065 and let us know why your loved one was in the hospital and when you will expect them to return home. One of our Registered Nurse Case Managers will work with the doctors or hospital to review the notes about your loved one’s situation. They will then meet with you at your home within 24 hours of your family member’s return. The Case Manager then completes a comprehensive assessment which includes: a review of medications, safety concerns, potential risks that your loved one could be exposed to at home while in their current condition, their ability to independently meet daily needs like bathing, dressing or grooming, and an outline of health professionals you may need assistance from.

This list of additional health professionals includes: physical, occupational, or speech therapists, home health aides or personal care aides, nutritional services or a medical social worker.

Through this assessment and conversation with you, your loved ones, and your doctor, you and the Case Manager will come up with a plan that works best for your loved one to get them back to good health as quickly and safely as possible.

Road to Recovery

The Next Steps

The goal of home healthcare is to allow people to recover and maintain independence while living at home. Whether your loved one just needs a little help around the house with laundry and cleaning, or if they need comprehensive therapy, our wide range of services will ensure that we can cover all of your loved one’s needs. Many people assume that a higher level of care is only available by moving into an Assisted Living Facility, but the truth is that high quality care and assistance is available to you and your loved ones in the comfort of your own home. For questions on how HSNNY can help you or your loved one recover at home, call us at 315-265-4065 and schedule an assessment.