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Certified Home Health Aide

Some people just can’t wait to get up every day and start helping someone else – it’s in their DNA.

Some people LOVE to clean, cook, and do laundry – even more when they’re doing it to help someone.

Imagine driving around your community from home to home and seeing your hard work and concern for others put a smile on someone’s face – every day.

Imagine further that you could build a work schedule that makes sense with everything else in your life instead of work making everything else more difficult.  How valuable is that right now in this uncertain, always-changing world we are living in when we don’t know from one week to the next if schools will open or what jobs are secure?

Don’t let another day pass you by where you don’t have control over your career and meeting your needs.  Click the “Apply Now” button TODAY to start or renew a career that meets your needs:  flexibility, control, doing what you love, and making someone’s life a little better.

If you hold a valid certification as a CNA, PCA, or HHA, we can get you started right away.  If you don’t, we can talk to you about our upcoming free training classes.

To apply for this job please visit us59.dayforcehcm.com.